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Relax in our Airbnb Suites

Nature: Revel in the serene merger of green mountains and the blue sea, your picturesque retreat in the wild.

Comfort: Our well-appointed suites and serene garden provide a restful haven for your ultimate relaxation.

Hygiene: Uncompromised cleanliness is ensured by our dedicated team for the most hygienic experience.

Luxury: Savor the essence of opulence with our top-notch, brand-new furnishings and superior amenities.

Fahrettin Kurtuldu

Property Owner

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Relax on Vacation


New Furniture

Revel in our full-equipped suites, furnished with stylish, contemporary pieces for ultimate comfort.


Common Garden

Experience our shared garden with BBQ facilities, camelia, enchanting stone garden, and lush turf.



Enjoy close proximity to the public beach and pine woods, ideal for seaside enjoyment and trekking.


Car Rental

Benefit from our car rental services, including personal cars and exclusive VIP transportation options.

Reception 24h / 7 Days

Experience seamless service with our round-the-clock reception.

Reservation Online

Enjoy the flexibility to book your stay at your convenience, backed by Airbnb.

Professionalism & Comfort

Villa Kurtuldu, your retreat in nature's heart, is proudly owned by Fahrettin Kurtuldu, founder of Teknova Engineering, a seasoned mechanical engineer and industry leader in the automotive sector. The Villa, a mirror reflection of Fahrettin's commitment to excellence and comfort, offers a sanctuary where the beauty of nature meets luxury.